The Performing Arts Heritage Network (PAHN) is distinguished by the involvement of a broad range of collecting institutions – Museums, libraries, archives, galleries and tertiary educational institutions at state and national levels come together in the interests of collecting, preserving and making accessible Australia’s performing arts heritage.

PAHN is driven by an enthusiasm for Australia’s performing arts that is inclusive of our unique indigenous heritage and our multicultural influences, as well as the traditions of English, European and American theatre.

Members of PAHN are committed to:

  • ensuring the development of coordinated national collecting policies and strategies for the performing arts
  • enhancing public knowledge of Australia’s performing arts heritage through public documentation and display including use of the Internet
  • improving access to Australia’s performing arts heritage
  • increased cooperation between key stake-holders in performing arts heritage including collecting institutions, government bodies, performing arts companies, and key individuals
  • exploring the role and nature of exhibitions in line with changing technologies
The Boy Friend, Comedy Theatre, London, November 1967.
Choreographed by Noel Tovey